What i write...

speculative fiction – fantasy, sci-fi, magic realism...

Always expect a tenacious heroine – she'll be smart, sassy and often funny, up against what appear to be insurmountable odds. But with the help of some remarkable young men these girls kick arse... or, should that be ass? There is a small amount of romance but it is not the focus – saving the world (whether here or on another planet) is!

here's my latest y.a. fantasy...

***** Justice Jones and the Resurrection Spell *****

sixteen year-old Justice (Juzzi) Jones is searching for the last piece of a resurrection spell so she can raise her Dad from the dead.

New York hasn't revealed the final clue needed to finish the spell.  And now Juzzi's journal, where she's written the incomplete spell, has disappeared.  She's got to find it, and fast.  when she sees a young man with her journal, she follows him down, down, down...  into a secret library-underworld hidden beneath Grand Central.

Ms Dawson, The Librarian in charge of this world, promises Juzzi that her journal will be returned if she helps with a dangerous task.  But can Juzzi believe her?  And with a library full of characters all with their own desperate agendas, who can she trust?

Will Juzzi find the last piece of the spell to bring Dad back home?


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